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Seven Mile condos not in the overpricing trap

19 September 2018

I had a very good response to last month’s article, on the disparity between what $2 million and above residential homes are often put on the market for, versus what the owners eventually are likely to receive for their sale.

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Impact on real estate industry of a public registry

19 September 2018

Clearly, the hot topic right now in the Cayman Islands business community is the U.K. government forcing its overseas territories, Cayman included, to provide a public registry of beneficial ownership by 2020. I believe that Great Britain has behaved very poorly in this regard because it has chosen not to include its Crown Dependencies, i.e., Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, in this change of legislation, which shows the agenda is disingenuous and is a redirection of business, effectively doing little more than to cast aspersions on offshore jurisdictions.

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Realistic pricing in a fast-paced market

21 August 2018

In a market that is currently seeing a great deal of activity, the sale pricing of US$2 million and above private homes or condominiums predominantly in the Seven Mile Beach corridor (West Bay to north George Town), is one that I would like to concentrate on in this update.

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James Bovell at Flowers Sea Swim 2018

17 July 2018

James Bovell, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Cayman Islands at the Flowers Sea Swim 2018. RE/MAX Cayman Islands is a proud sponsor of this event year after year.

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A teaser of things to come - and words of caution

06 July 2018

The first six months of this year have almost closed, so I thought it would be a good point in time to reflect on how the market has progressed in 2018 so far, while at the same time offering readers a glimpse into what’s moving and shaking the real estate industry in the months ahead.

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Evolving of new style tourist accommodation

01 June 2018

In the last year I have noticed an upsurge in the number of high end vacation rentals that have become available for visitors who may be part of a multi-generational family group looking to share a single family home for their vacation.

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Blockchain and Cayman's real estate industry

30 May 2018

While readily admitting that I am not the world’s expert on the subject of Blockchain, I would like to acknowledge that I am starting to see a definite trend towards the employment of this software platform for digital assets within the real estate industry globally and stirrings of interest even within Cayman’s own real estate industry.

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Is over supply on the horizon?

07 May 2018

This is one question that I’m being asked with increasing frequency by investors based overseas, as people take in the scale of development currently happening in Grand Cayman.

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Not a time for complacency

19 April 2018

The devastating hurricane season that hit competitor islands in the Eastern Caribbean last year (in particular hurricanes Irma and Maria which wreaked havoc in places such as the British Virgin Islands and US Virgin Islands, St Martin and Anguilla) has undoubtedly created some additional uplift as far as diverting tourists to Cayman.

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Diverse product offering benefits all

22 March 2018

Parts of the Caribbean impacted by the dreadful hurricane season of 2017 are currently undergoing tremendous change as they rebuild their tourism and real estate products. This means increasing pressure on the Cayman Islands to improve our own product by diversifying our offering for visitors and residents, in terms of where they can stay and where they can live. There is a danger that those jurisdictions now receiving insurance payouts for the damage inflicted by hurricanes Irma and Maria last year will eventually end up with a superior product than what we can offer, so in many respects it’s important for us to keep ahead.

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