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An Interview with James Bovell

12 April 2011

Find out a little more about James in this exclusive interview from Inside Out magazine.

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Cayman Real Estate

05 April 2011

After being dealt the hammer blow of a Category Five hurricane in September 2004, the real estate market in the Cayman Islands has enjoyed a full recovery.

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NOW Is the Time to Purchase

29 March 2011

I have been a part of the Cayman Islands real estate industry since 1991. Born in the Caribbean and raised in both the UK and the Cayman Islands, I have a great understanding of the intricacies of the Islands' real estate industry. I provide my clients and customers with peace of mind by ensuring a personal, private and professional service.

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Low volatility in Cayman Islands Real Estate Market

22 March 2011

Over the last 25 years the Cayman Islands market has been one of consistency. It has had its ups and downs, but its volatility had been predominately on individual properties versus the whole market. Foreign investors and purchasers of vacation homes are generally looking for longer term investments on one of the three islands.

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Timing Is Everything

15 March 2011

When opportunity knockstime is of the essence and timing is everything, all these phrases epitomise the current timing of the real estate market in the Cayman Islands.

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A Snapshot of the United States Economic Crisis

01 March 2011

When we look back to 1930 and the period known as ldquoThe Great Depressionrdquo more than 1000 banks closed While we are in the midst of economic uncertainty only 14 US banks have been taken over in 2008 The current situation globally creates a time of ldquoopportunityrdquo for investors and at the same time is not an opportune time for sellers There are approximately 76 million households in the US that own their home 24 million of these homes are owned free and clear 52 million homes in the US are with mortgages - 972 of these are not in foreclosure and 938 of these homes are current on their payments However on a more sobering note over 20 of homeowners with a mortgage owe more than their home is worth and 40 of all foreclosures are non-owner occupied

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What Are the Reasons for Buying Newly-Built Real Estate in Cayman?

22 February 2011

It makes sense at the end of the day in invest in new construction. In a market that is still young by most standards our construction is newer and in a lot of cases our market is becoming newer as properties are being renovated or improved and redeveloped, taking into account all the added advantages of today's construction methods.

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How CIREBA Works

15 February 2011

How does a real estate agent operate in the Cayman Islands in comparison to systems in the US and UK? Agents in the Cayman Islands operate very similar to those in North American. As they also have a Multiple Listing System whereby all agents share all listing information from not only other agents, but also other companies. The fees are agreed upon before hand and are the same across the board.

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Rollover Impact on the Real Estate Market

08 February 2011

There are many unknown's in life. The trick to getting through them is understanding your options and acting before everyone else in the same predicament thinks your idea is a good one. The rollover issue is a very controversial one with many different emotions attached to it.

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