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Locals head to the beach!

02 November 2017

For this month’s update I thought it would be interesting to examine a fairly new phenomena that I have noticed reoccur over the past couple of years, that of a shift in terms of where locals are looking to purchase property.

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Catastrophic hurricanes bring us stark reminders

09 October 2017

In light of the recent category five hurricanes the Caribbean has had to endure, 13 years to the day since the Cayman Islands suffered at the hands of its own worst hurricane in living memory, the category 4/5 Hurricane Ivan, I thought it would be useful to take a look at what we have learnt from our experiences and, more worryingly, what we have not learnt.

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Cash in on a buoyant real estate cycle

14 September 2017

In this September update, as the Cayman Islands prepares itself for the busy winter high season ahead, I thought it was about time to see where sales have gone, year on year to date, for the previous five years. This should give us a good perspective for the year ahead looking at the trend.

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August Update: High end home sales getting stronger

17 August 2017

While my focus in past real estate market news updates has been on luxury beachfront condos, in this monthly report I'm concentrating on a particularly interesting section of Caribbean real estate: that of Cayman's luxury residential homes.

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The future of Cayman is bright

14 August 2017

The future of Cayman is bright when it comes to our real estate industry. In recent years we have built a very strong foundation for this country which is now reaping benefits for those who have invested wisely when it comes to real estate, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, in my opinion.

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Important changes made to Immigration rules

03 August 2017

People looking to move to Cayman need to keep abreast of immigration legislation to ensure their move is smooth and straightforward. This article highlights some immigration law changes that could impact your move to Cayman.

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Real estate issues: The question of setbacks & the issue of valuations

06 July 2017

I have been troubled of late by two issues that have caused concern within the Cayman Islands real estate industry, the question of setbacks and The issue of valuations.

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Why buy real estate in the Cayman Islands?

22 June 2017

There are so many more reasons why people choose to invest in Cayman real estate. If you are looking for a purely financial investment, then you would be hard-pushed to find another jurisdiction comparable with what we have to offer. It is a well-known fact that investors like stability and we have an extremely stable governance...

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New government, same challenges

08 June 2017

As I write this update we are about to go into another election that will determine Cayman’s fate for the next four years.

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May 2017 Update

04 May 2017

Last month I mentioned a brand new development that would be taking shape at the old Pageant Beach location, a beautiful spot right next to The Wharf restaurant.

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