Elizabethan Square, George Town $20,725,610

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Elizabethan Square, George Town
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  • Price: $20,725,610
  • Type: Offices / Mixed Use
  • Built: 1990
  • Sqft: 80,000
  • View: Inland
  • MLS: 409876

Welcome to Elizabethan Square, George Town

Elizabethan Square, available For Sale or partially To Lease, 80 000sf of office spaces, retail, restaurants, and fully fitted modern conference facilty in 5 separate buildings situated around a central courtyard, with over 300 sf of road frontage. Ideally located in central George Town. Well maintained, consistently upgraded, 30 000sf becoming available in July 2019. Current income over CI$2 600 000pa.

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James Bovell


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